Digital Remittance – Is It Worth It?

It is clear that digital remittances are becoming more popular, but is it worth it to make the switch? Here is a quick look at why everyone can benefit from using digital remittance options over traditional remittance methods.


What Is Digital Remittance?

Digital remittance is a cross-border transfer. Traditional remittance payment methods often took days, or even weeks, to process, making it more difficult for both the sender and recipient. Luckily, major remittance services like Western Union and Ffwcash offer digital remittance options to make life easier for you. 


Firstly, digital money transfer companies are usually very transparent with their customers. Digital payments are very easy to trace, making it easy for the sender and recipient to track the transfer to see when it can get picked up, and when it does get picked up. The ability to easily track their transfers can decrease the risk of fraud, being beneficial for both the industry itself and its customers.

Cheap Costs

Digital remittance tends to be a lot cheaper for governments, businesses, and individuals to use. Digital remittance usually consumes fewer resources than traditional remittance payment methods. Therefore, digital remittance companies can offer much lower costs than traditional institutions. Plus, it does not only save you money; it saves you a lot of money too since digital remittance can be twice as fast as a traditional remittance method.

Easy to Use

Digital remittance has a huge benefit, and that it is easy to use. Even people who are not technologically savvy can easily use digital remittance options because they are straightforward. Another bonus is that anyone who is confused can easily check out the company’s FAQ section. Plus, most of these digital remittance companies offer 24/7 customer support, so you can get your concerns and questions answered at any time.


Surprisingly, most digital remittance companies offers secure transfers, and at times it can be more secure than traditional remittance companies. These companies make sure that their apps and websites are safe by using the best encryption methods possible and often find ways to make sure your account stays safe. 

Plus, they also give you many tips to keep your account safe. For instance, they will regularly warn you with notifications to not share your password with anyone. They will also state other general rules that you ought to follow for online safety.


Heading out to a bank or remittance branch can be a lot of hassle, plus you would have to wait in line for your turn. Luckily, digital remittance takes that problem away from you. Digital remittance is one of the most accessible ways for anyone to send money.

With digital remittance, you just need to log into your digital remittance payment option of choice using your smartphone or computer. From there, you just need to fill out the forms as needed, then hit send!

There is no need to stick to slow, traditional remittance options. You can opt for faster and more convenient payment methods by opting for digital remittance methods.